Pyle PT1201X Power Amps Review

Pyle  PT1201X Power Amp Pyle PT1201X Power Amplifiers are designed especially for use by DJs, although others may find that the myriad of features provided will be of use to them, as well. The PT1201X is a two channel power amplifier, capable of producing a maximum of 1400 watts when driving a single bridged amplification channel, or up to 700 watts per channel in standard stereo operation.

For DJs, the amplifier features a standard unbalanced (RCA) set of inputs long with balanced (XLR) ones. The extra set of inputs allow the PT1201X to be used with the equipment that you have now, and it can still be your amplifier of choice after you upgrade.

To spare the ears of your audience, the PT1201X features turn-on delay, a feature not often found in power amplifiers within this price range. With turn-on delay, the speakers connected to the PT1201X will be momentarily muted when the unit is turned on. This eliminates the pops and thumps that are common with other amplifiers when the owner forgets to reduce the volume when turning the amp on. Additionally, the PT1201X is equipped with a full array of protective circuitry, enabling the unit to shut down before damage can occur in the event of a power surge, spike, or brownout. The unit is protected by a single variable speed internal cooling fan, and able to shut down automatically if overheating occurs due to a blocked vent or improper installation.

The PT1201X is the thinnest amplifier from the PT1201X-4001X series, at just under 3.5 inches, and it is extremely easy to store and transport at just 18.7 pounds. Although the power level should be sufficient for a wide variety of performance situations, DJs who regularly entertain at outdoor events may wish to consider the 3300 watt PT-2001X or 5500 watt PT-4001X as possible alternatives. Both amplifiers offer the same features that DJs will love, with similarly affordable prices.

Over its many years of operation, Pyle Audio has, until recently, been exclusively a provider of high end audio equipment for car and marine use. Secure in its market position of providing perhaps the highest watt per dollar ratio available, Pyle has set out to conquer the word of pro audio with its series of power amplifiers for bands, DJs, studios, and home theaters.

Pyle PT1201X Power Amplifiers - Summary:
* Produces a maximum of 1400 watts to a single bridged speaker, or 700 watts per channel when operating in stereo
* Utilizes industry-standard connections that DJs will be comfortable with: banana plugs for speakers, and RCA or XLR jacks for inputs
* Delayed muting prevents pops and thumps from occurring when the unit is turned on
* System automatically shuts down to prevent damage if a cooling system failure results in overheating
* Protected from electrical fault conditions
* Guaranteed by Pyle to be free of defects for 30 days after purchase

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